Feb 19, 2021 1:52:56 PM

Brynn the Battling Bulldog


Meet our teammate, Brynn! This FEARLESS fighter and athlete will be 12 years old next week! In 2019, Brynn was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a cancerous tumor that grows in the bones or in the tissue around bones. 

At 10 years old, Brynn injured her foot playing the sport she loves most, soccer. As a result of her injury, Brynn took a month-long break to allow the tendons and soft tissue in her foot to heal. She was back on the field as soon as she was able! It wasn’t long however, before Brynn injured her foot a second and eventually a third time. Throughout this period, Brynn visited a few different doctors in hopes of finding the cause of her repetitive injuries. With the help of Brynn’s soccer coach she was referred to an amazing Orthopedic doctor who would eventually diagnose Brynn. In June 2019, four months after her first injury, Brynn underwent a biopsy. On July 5th 2019, Brynn’s family received the devastating news that she had cancer. Brynn is currently in treatment.

"She is fighting, head on and leaving it all on the field!”

Brynn's mom

Brynn, team CKSC is so proud of you! Your positive spirit inspires all of us. You truly are a battling Bulldog on and off the field, especially while kicking cancer! You can follow Brynn’s journey at 

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