Feb 2, 2021 11:57:03 AM

Ellie the Wildcat


Say hello to Ellie! This incredible fighter is nine years old. Ellie was first diagnosed with Leukemia in 2014.

Ellie is in the midst of fighting her second battle with Leukemia. Ellie’s cancer journey began in 2014 when she received her diagnosis. She put up an amazing fight and reached remission. Unfortunately, Ellie’s cancer reared its ugly head once again and returned in July of last year. Ellie recently finished radiation and is expected to finish chemotherapy in July 2021.

Ellie’s family shared with us, “Ellie loves sports, especially football and baseball. She’s starting to learn about soccer and is really enjoying practicing her skills. Her favorite things to do are going outside to hike, making slime, and playing Roblox.” Ellie is also a big fan of the University of Kentucky and enjoys cheering on the Wildcats!

Ellie, we believe in you! The way you have shown this cancer who is boss not once, but twice is truly inspiring. You have proven that you will not let cancer conquer your positive spirit or shatter your hope. The Cancer Kickers team is very proud of you! Know that we will be here supporting you and cheering you on throughout the remainder of your treatment. Stay strong and keep fighting hard! #CancerKickersSoccerClub

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