Mar 11, 2021 10:43:59 PM

Jonah's Journey


Say hello to Jonah, our newest CKSC Teammate! This handsome young man is eight years old. Jonah was diagnosed in September 2018 with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

Jonah’s journey with cancer started with a fever. Initially doctors diagnosed Jonah with strep, however, when his fever didn’t break they decided to run blood work. The results of Jonah’s blood work were concerning. Doctor’s informed the McCoy family that Jonah had Leukemia. His family was immediately sent to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It was at St. Jude that Jonah received his official diagnosis of ALL.

Jonah began a two and a half year battle on September 26, 2018 when he received his first dose of chemotherapy. He has been through a 45-day induction phase, an eight-week consolidation phase and is in the midst of a 120-week maintenance phase. Jonah has just under 10 weeks of treatment left! He is on track to finish treatment in April 2021!

Jonah is the oldest of four siblings. His brother and sisters have been his biggest cheerleaders and a wonderful source of support and encouragement for him throughout this long journey! They have lifted him up and given him strength on his toughest days.

 “A funny kid! He loves to check the weather. He likes to take videos of himself being goofy. He loves to swim and ride his bike. He just got a scooter and loves it. He also likes to play Uno.”

Jonah's Mom

Jonah, you are an amazing boy and a brave warrior! The courage you have displayed throughout the last couple of years is truly admirable. Keep fighting with everything you have! Jonah’s family has asked that we all join them in prayer for complete healing. You can pray specifically that his upcoming scans in April will show No Evidence of Disease. You can follow Jonah’s journey on Facebook by visiting his page “McCoy’s Minions”

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