Feb 4, 2021 10:56:56 AM

Kam Strong


We are proud to welcome Kamryn to the Cancer Kickers team! This adorable little girl is three years old. Kamryn was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at 19 months of age.

We are happy to report that Kamryn is currently in remission. She has put up a very courageous fight! Kamryn is expected to complete her treatment in October 2021.
Kamryn is full of life! Her mom shared with us;
“She’s not your typical princess. She loves animals and sports! She loves to watch movies and her favorite is Lion King! Her daddy is a basketball coach and she loves to watch his games! She hopes to be able to go to the gym with her daddy soon!” Kamryn is fortunate to have a built in best friend in her little sister, Kora Hope. She loves to help take care of her!
Kamryn, we never want you to forget what an amazing little girl you are! We pray that you continue to get steadier, stronger and better each and every day. Always remember that there is a rainbow after every storm! Please help us give Kamryn a warm welcome to the CKSC team and send some words of encouragement her way!


“She’s not your typical princess. She loves animals and sports!"

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