Apr 20, 2021 5:14:21 PM

Kamiah's Battle


Today, the Cancer Kickers team is proud to welcome Kamiah! This amazing little warrior is six years old. Kamiah is battling Neuroblastoma.

Kamiah was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma around her fourth birthday. She has been fighting cancer on and off since that time. Kamiah was recently in remission, unfortunately, however, her cancer returned. Kamiah is currently receiving chemotherapy and finished up her second round of treatment a few weeks ago.

She loves swimming and playing football and soccer with her older brother. Kamiah is very optimistic about her future!

“This time she is having more of a hard time than before, but her spirits are still up and she’s still happy and fighting.”

Kamiah's Mom

Kamiah, we believe in you! We are so proud of your positive attitude and your determination to never give up! We pray that cancer never silences your courage or conquers your spirit. Always remember, you are stronger than the storm! We would love for our Cancer Kickers community to share some words of encouragement with Kamiah.

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