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"We believe every child fighting cancer deserves joy, the opportunity to smile, and be encouraged to NEVER EVER GIVE UP!"

RN Momcologist

"Thriving through cancer, cancer prevention and living a healthier life while sharing our knowledge to help others."

Kids Wish Network

"Dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children with life-threatening conditions."

Off The Charts

"Our ultimate goal is to help kids escape their medical charts and experience a childhood that is 'off the charts' enjoyable."

Battle Brynn

"Everyone comes with their own story. Welcome to Brynn's: Brynn is an inspirational 11-year-old who is currently battling Ewing Sarcoma."

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7 Books To Help Children Cope With A Cancer Diagnosis

20 Apr, 2021

As parents, family members, and supportive communities trying our best to help kids through their cancer journey, we can often feel at a loss as to how to help. It may feel like your child is left to fight alone, even though you are there. Going through cancer is a unique experience that can be isolating. That’s why support from friends, family, and other cancer patients and survivors is so important!

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For Childhood Cancer Patients, Mental Health Is A Priority

13 Apr, 2021

While physical health takes center stage when confronted with a child’s cancer diagnosis, their mental and emotional wellbeing is integral to positive outcomes. The emotional side of cancer is impactful on a person no matter their age. 

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Questions Parents Should Ask Their Child's Cancer Care Team

06 Apr, 2021

For children with cancer, parents are often their best advocates. They look to their parents for guidance, support, and reassurance. The reality, however, is that parents are often as frightened and lost as their children. Because of this, parents must make a conscious, intentional effort to ask questions of their healthcare providers.

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